A Junior Appalachian Musicians Program


FloydJAMS introduces children to the traditional music that is part of their heritage.  It also provides a positive after-school activity.  Our program is based on many successful JAM programs in the Carolinas and Virginias.

A group of traditional musicians and music educators have come together to provide this opportunity to fourth through eighth graders.  FloydJAMS meets Mondays after school from 3:30 to 5:30.  The program provides to the student access to the joy of music while instilling interest and pride in our heritage.

Recognizing the need for more fine arts education and development in our county’s public schools, FloydJAMS has partnered with The Jacksonville Center for the Arts to provide this educational supplement.

What the children will learn in FloydJAMS:

During weekly two hour classes, approximately 75 kids in grades 4-8 will:

  • Learn to play a string instrument (guitar, fiddle or banjo) in a traditional string band style and be able to borrow and instrument free of charge
  • Learn traditional tunes and songs of the region and participate in supervised practice sessions
  • Learn to play in a group and perform together
  • Learn about the history present and future of our heritage music from guest speakers and performers, field trips, videos, dance workshops, instrument making demonstrations and more…

How to help FloydJAMS:

FloydJAMS is partnered with The Jacksonville Center, a non-profit organization supporting arts and arts education in our community.  Therefore, we are supported through the generosity of individuals and philanthropic funds.  Your donation to FloydJAMS helps provide:

Instructors, Program director, Instruments, Guest speakers and field trips, Operational costs, Sponsor a Student

Please designate your contribution of $240.00 to pay the weekly $10.00 class fee for a student for one year!

How to stay in touch with FloydJAMS:

We want you to know about FloydJAMS, follow our progress, attend our concerts and, we hope, give your support!  Please keep in touch with us through our Facebook page:


Click HERE  to download the Newsletter and Application Form for the 2012-2013 Session 1.  Click HERE to read the FAQ.