Afternoon Arts

Celebrate our youth’s creativity every week with great art for kids at The Jax.


About Afternoon Arts Classes:

The Jacksonville Center currently offers Afternoon Arts every Tuesday and Thursday from 4-5pm for only $3 per class per student.  For more than four years our creative youth have been designing and making unique arts projects, led by local teaching artists.  This class continues every week, except on holidays. You can register online, call or stop in to register your child.  Parent participation is welcome, but not required.

Tuesday class has being changed from the original “Cultural Arts” class. According to the interest forms we received back, students and parents wanted to attend on both days, but were concerned about this class being geared toward upper elementary age children. The Jacksonville Center wants our local youth to enjoy the arts as much as possible, so we are changing our plans and having Afternoon Arts on both Tuesdays and Thursdays. Each class will have art lessons that younger children can be successful at and can be altered so that older children are challenged and engaged as well.

For Children ages 4-12. $3 per kid per session OR $10 for 4 sessions.


Aven Tanner: Aven is a Floyd Count Elementary School Art Teacher.  She has two wonderful children and includes elements of reading and math into her art lessons.  She will be teaching our Afternoon Art classes through the winter months.

Susan Mead: Susan is a sociology professor at Ferrum College.  She is passionate about teaching our children and even having adults sit in on her class.

You can register online for Afternoon Arts class or call or stop by the Jax during regular business hours.

The Jax does close when Floyd County public schools are closed, so there will be no Afternoon Arts during school closures.