Afternoon Arts

EVERY Thursdays, 4-5pm 

Pre-K to 3rd grade & 4th to 7th grade


$3 per kid per session OR $10 for 4 sessions

Celebrate our youth’s creativity every week with great art for kids at The Jax. 


About Afternoon Arts Classes-

The Jacksonville Center currently offers Afternoon Arts every Thursday from 4-5pm for only $3 per class per student.  For more than two years, Afternoon Arts consists of two classes, divided by age (Pre-K-3rd and 4th-7th), creating unique arts projects, led by local teaching artists.  This class continues every week, except on holidays.  You can register online, call or stop in to register your child.  Parent participation is welcome, but not required.


Afternoon Arts collage based on Eric Carle


Lara Davis Phelps, Lara is a local artist and mother.   Her favorite medium is glass, where she creates custom jewelry use hot molten glass.  She is a crafty and fun loving person who will have a great time teaching Afternoon Arts.

Planned Arts Activities by date:


You can register online for the Standard Afternoon Arts program or call or stop by the Jax during regular business hours, however, you must call or stop in to regrister your child for Extended Afternoon Arts.

Walk-ins: please call the center before class to make sure that we are holding class that day–advance notice will be given for Thursdays that will not be scheduled.

The Jax does close when Floyd County public schools are closed, so there will be no Afternoon Arts during school closures.