Sell your Work

giftshop52smToo many retail shops ask their displaying artists to foot a large part of the overhead bills. At the Jacksonville Center, among our services to professional and hobbyist artists is to staff a gift shop and make it available to a buying public during open hours — and you don’t have to mortgage your home to participate. All you must do is become a Jacksonville Center member if you’re not already signed up.

Our front office staffs the shop while you stay in your studio and produce. We ask a 30% commission, in return for which we track sales, manage the inventory, and arrange times when a volunteer committee of retail and gallery owners come and refresh the “look.” This group also juries specific items onto the retail shelves, and our “handmade” policy is in effect for items produced by you for inclusion in the gift shop.

Call, email, or come by for more information: 540-745-2784;