Become a Studio Artist

berniecovenystudrentalsmThe Jacksonville Center seeks to attract and assist business people that reflect the regions major assets: artisans, craftspeople and artists.  The Jacksonville Center offers services typically offered in a small business incubator environment: access to consultants, workshops, etc. on business management, marketing and operations; access to computer/printer/scanner; some reception services and an environment to network with artists and others to facilitate the creative process.

Spaces range from working studio spaces to small office cubicles; from spaces visible to a passing public setting to private settings where concentrated work can be accomplished. The common areas include: reception lobby; a members-only retail outlet; lunch area; and a large multi-function space that is used by tenants for everything from recitals to exhibits, from training to working, from performance to conference.sarahmcworksm

Rates are available upon request from the office:  or 540.745.2784.