Fourth Friend Free!

Glenda George (on left) and students in a 2008 Laminated Felted Scarves class--available OnDemand.

Interested in a class for you and your friends or a group of work colleagues? Our “Fourth Friend Free” tuition rate can be used to reach most of our minimum class enrollment requirements, automatically making a scheduled class “a-go” and readying an OnDemand class to be scheduled (with your group’s influence on the dates chosen!).

* Fourth Friend Free tuition rates ONLY apply when all participants are registering for the same class at the same time.

* Each individual tuition rate will be based on the individual students’ membership status–the group may decide which student is registered and the “fourth” tuition. The center WILL NOT recalculate individual tuition payments beyond the 3 full tuition registrations.

* All 4 participants must be named during registration for a scheduled class or during Call-List registration for an OnDemand class in order to claim the Fourth Friend Free tuition rate.

* All 4 participants must complete a registration form within one week of scheduling a class. It is up
to the participants to decide who will register under the free tuition.

*Fourth Friend Free does not apply to materials fees, for which each student is individually responsible.

Once scheduled, classes will be open to the public for registration unless you make arrangements for a  private party or team-building exercise. Arrangements can be made to utilize many of our OnDemand classes for these private activities. Contact our Director of Educational Programming for more information.