Forge Wish List

Want to know how you can help maintain and improve the Jax Forge? Check out our wish list!

Ed Dolinger, Resident Artist 2006

Tools & Equipment

Power Hammer
Wheeled Cart for Arc Welder
Longer Leads 30’
2 – 7/8” Shank Hardies (AP) 16.80
2 Chip Hunt Creasers (Right) 25.00
6 Rasp Handles
Twist-On– 2.00 EACH
6 Fuller Hardies
6 Clinker Hooks
6 Tool Rack Bars for Forge Ends
Portable and Standing Hard Saws (Small #4)
Beverly Shears- any/all sizes
Motion Detector/Flood Lamp
Wind breaks/Removable Walls

Volunteering opportunities

Paving Brick as flooring
Waist High Walls with windows that open out
Screened in cage for Tools
Rain Gutters